Bhavini Ahir

Co-Director of Marketing & Design | bpahir@ucdavis.edu

Bhavini is a fourth year pursuing a major in Organizational Sociology.

Why did you decide to join Davis Women in Business?

As a transfer student I was looking for community, and friendship as well as an organization where I could see myself grow. DWIB had all of that, and more.

What are your responsibilities as Co-Director of Marketing & Design?

As a Co-Director, I am responsible for all marketing/design projects for DWIB and OWN IT.

What are you passionate about?

I am incredibly passionate about projects that I am able to showcase creativity and innovation. That's why I have loved marketing and design.

What professional field are you currently pursuing, and what are your plans after college?

I am looking forward to pursuing Marketing and Design related opportunities post grad.

Who do you look up to and why?

I look up to anyone who has made careers out of their passions, especially in the arts. And comics, I love a good stand up.

Describe yourself in one word and tell us why. 

Creative. Whether it is with problem solving or designing, it's definitely my strong suit.