This page is for board members to check their event credits and attendance. Please notify the Operations Director for any discrepancies you may find. All requirements and attendance will be updated at the end of each week.  This will be updated in the Fall of 2018.

Event Credits:

Professional Events = 1 credit

Fundraisers = 1 credit

Socials = 0.5 credit       

Intramural Sport = 1 credit

Volunteer Opportunities/ Set up/ Clean up events = 1 credit

OWN IT Volunteering = 1 credit 

All board members must complete a minimum of 2 event credits and attend all general meetings.

Please notify the Operations Director if you cannot fulfill these requirements in the beginning of the quarter. 

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Legend: Event Credits, Meeting Attendance, Board Training 



Community Relations 



Professional Relations                        

Marketing & Design



Career Development