Disha Bahl

Director of OWN IT Summit | disha@daviswomeninbusiness.com

Disha is a junior pursuing a major in Genetics and Genomics with a minor in Professional Writing. In her role as Director of  the OWN IT Summit, she works with the Director of Programs & Events in planning the annual spring OWN IT Summit, DWIB's largest event of the year.

Why did you join Davis Women in Business?

As a woman who has struggled to attain opportunities in my field, joining DWIB gave me an avenue to meet women who are trying to encourage and foster each other to excel in their fields. I believe finding the right resources and recognizing one's strengths are the core at DWIB and therefore was the perfect organization for me to join.

What are you passionate about?

I am foremost passionate about medicine. It is the one field I see with an immediate impact on others. Learning about the human body and all its nuances is something that greatly excites me and I can't wait to continue to learn more and more as my education advances.

I am also passionate about food. Both eating and making food makes me elated. Finding different recipes and constantly improving upon my cooking skills is something I greatly enjoy and often take quite seriously.

Who do you look up to and why?

I do not look up to a single individual in particular. I try to embody traits and cultivate my motivations from those who have pursued their passions. This includes individuals such as Sheryl Sandberg, my cardiologist, and Paul Kalanithi. They are all people who built themselves up, an ethic I try to instill myself: to constantly build up despite adversities.

Describe yourself in one word and tell us why. 

I am resilient because I seldom take no for an answer.