Nicole Garcia

President | nicole@daviswomeninbusiness.com

Nicole is a fourth year pursuing a major in Communication.

Why did you decide to join Davis Women in Business?

Davis Women in Business serves as a bridge between my ambitions in business and gender equity. As a co-founder, I wanted to create a better future for myself and the other women around me in my community and professional world. 

What are your responsibilities as President?

As President, I organize the director team for their various responsibilities and programming. Since we work across so many different domains and organize many different events, I'm in the capacity to ensure everything runs smoothly, communication is upheld, and programming is executed at its fullest potential.

What are you passionate about?

I'm passionate about progress and communication, but my deepest passions reside in leadership. I strive to use my own talents and abilities to not only help others reach fulfillment in their professional and personal lives, but also to lead the change for a better community and world.

What professional field are you currently pursuing, and what are your plans after college?

My interests span across design and leadership, and so I hope to pursue entrepreneurship in a company geared toward environmental equity. 

Who do you look up to and why?

My parents, as they have taught me the value of hard work. They have worked hard throughout my life to provide for my family, and throughout all my endeavors they have always supported and encouraged me. 

Describe yourself in one word and tell us why. 

Practice. I believe practice is a virtue whose value is often forgotten or overlooked, but when applied correctly, an individual can experience immeasurable reward from the discipline of practice.