Look at Her Go: Case Competition

The “DWIB Team” consisted of  Nivi Achanta, Chelsey Chen, Neha Jain, Isabel Ma, Mary Serafin.

The “DWIB Team” consisted of  Nivi Achanta, Chelsey Chen, Neha Jain, Isabel Ma, Mary Serafin.

Congratulations to the DWIB Team for winning first place in Delta Sigma Pi’s Case Competition with Pricewaterhouse Coopers!

Last week, 5 amazing women took first place in this case competition, some of which were our own DWIB members. 

To recognize their accomplishments and hard work, we asked the team a few questions about their experiences.

Slay them with your strategy.
— The DWIB Team

Q: What is a Case Competition in your own words?

A: In a case competition, a company presents a challenge for student teams to solve a business case or problem that the company has experienced in real life.


Q: What lead to you participate in this competition?

A: Naturally, we’re all the types of individuals who enjoy problem solving and thrive in situations where we’re challenged to use out-of-the-box thinking to create solutions. In addition, many of us are interested in consulting or other fields in professional services and wanted to use this opportunity to get hands-on client experience.


Q: What advice can you give to future participants of the case study?

A: The main things to keep in mind are Team, Time, and Turnaround. It is important to assemble a team in which everyone is equally skilled, motivated, and dedicated. It is also imperative to have a high level of quality in a limited amount of times, as it’s the details that really distinguish one team from the other. Finally, all of these case competitions usually have a 2 week turnaround. In these 2 weeks, you should aim to meet with your group at least 2-3 times, and learn to be dynamic and flexible in terms of changing your content and presentation.


Q: In what ways do you think doing this Case Competition helped you build or improve your leadership skills?

A: Participating in this case competition meant that we had to work together to delegate and assign tasks, as well as regularly communicate. Each person was in charge of a specific part of the deliverable, but we had to consistently keep the larger vision in mind. Having this sort of overarching goal for the whole project helped us meet targets and have a clearer idea of how to take on a specialty within the competition, allowing us to become experts and leaders in a specific field.


Q: Can you describe your overall experience in 5 words?

A: Slay them with your strategy


Congratulations to the DWIB Team once again! Hopefully, we will see some of you participating in this competition in the future.


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