DWIB's Declassified Finals Survival Guide: Mental Health and Study Tips

Finals week is almost here and we know how difficult it can get to manage your time and your health during testing season. It can be overwhelming to manage both stress and anxiety as well as remembering to keep up healthy eating and sleeping patterns during this stressful time.

Here are some tips for getting you through finals week in the most healthy ways possible!

Mental Health

The UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services website  provides access to a wide range of topics that can help you stay healthy during finals week. The website includes information on topics such as healthy eating, sleep, general wellness, etc.  

SHCS offers great relaxation services such as:

The Mind Spa: The Mind Spa is a great place to relax on campus where you can find massaging recliners, 10-minute chair massages, peer support, and much more all for no cost. They encourage to “Stop by to de-stress before finals!”.

Massage Therapy is also provided by SHCS. Massages can provide much needed relaxation from hours of sitting and studying. 

For more information on these, such as locations, be sure to check out their websites and the links provided.

Healthy Alternatives to Coffee

Kaplan Test Prep suggests a few alternative drinks that are better for you than Coffee. Coffee can cause fatigue crashes especially if you do not have enough water and food beforehand. These are some healthier alternatives to consider when studying for finals:

  1. Water
  2. Milk
  3. Fruit and Veggie Juices
  4. Smoothies
  5. Green Tea

To know more about why these are better for you to consume while studying check out this link.

Study Tips to improve Focus

Hercampus and  USAToday provide some great useful advice on how to you focused with some great study tips.

  • Take Naps: Normally, you should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep but let’s face the facts here, college students never get that much sleep! By taking a 10-30 minute power nap you can boost your alertness and concentration as well as mood. You normally want to take naps in the afternoon, not in the evening time.
  • Eat healthy snack and drink lots of water!
  • Call your friends and family: Talking to people you are comfortable around can help you ease your mind and become more calm. Have a 10-15 minute conversation with someone to let you distract away to relax before starting to study again.
  • Take breaks: Taking periodical breaks can help clear your mind and increase focus. During break time, breathing exercises can help relax both your mind and your body. Doing breathing exercises will help manage your stress and blood pressure as well, you will feel much calmer than before!

Standing up and walking around, or even going for a short run can also help you become more focused for studying.  


Wishing you all happy and healthy studying, good luck on your finals!