KEYS To Success



Major Key Alert!

We hope you are all as excited as we are for the start of DWIB’S Winter Recruitment Week today! Ready to invest in yourself? Applications open up today with general associate, committee member, and leadership positions ready to be filled. Wondering why you should join DWIB? Simple. Because DWIB has the KEYS to Success!

K: Knowledge. Through workshops and events hosted by DWIB, we teach our members the skills and knowledge they need to become confident leaders in the workforce and in life beyond.

E: Empowerment. As one of DWIB’s core values, our organization works to challenge our members to become the strongest version of themselves, of course, with the support of a motivated network of women behind them. 

Y: Your Passions. When you follow your passions, work transforms from something you have to do, to something you love and enjoy doing. And thatis when you succeed. However, finding what you are passionate about can be difficult, right? Have no doubt that DWIB gives our members the amazing opportunities to explore different paths and avenues while supporting their interests and endeavors. 

S: Setting Goals. Dreams become reality through goal setting. DWIB equips our members with the tools to set S.M.A.R.T. goals . Through professional development opportunities offered by DWIB, members are exposed to methods with which they can become proactive goal setters and achieve more of their dreams. 

Interested in reading about the unique experiences from some of our members or learning more about recruitment week? Click here to read more.

We look forward to the new additions  to our family.



Written By: Stephany Arroyo

Davis Women in Business