DWIB's Outstanding General Associate Awards


We awarded the following individuals, among others, for their contributions over the course of fall quarter based off of their exceptional leadership, superlative commitment and superior performance within our organization. We proudly present DWIB's very own Outstanding General Associates!

Outstanding General Associate #1: Tara Parker-Essig


1. How has DWIB helped you as a professional and as an individual? 

"DWIB has broadened my knowledge of the many roles it takes to run a business.  I had fairly specific and well-shaped career aspirations before joining DWIB, but having the support and enthusiasm of fellow members has made me more confident in those choices. DWIB is definitely the group to join if you want to be inspired by the people around you! DWIB members are awesome because they are firm believers in inclusivity." 

2. Can you describe some of your passions?

 "I'm passionate about bringing marginalized groups into technical spaces, be that DIY bike repair, web development, or something else! For the longest time I didn't feel free to learn about or work on the things I was curious about. It really shouldn't be difficult to pursue your interests, and sex, gender, race, or ability shouldn't be the factors holding people back, but that's the state of our world currently. I just want to make some kind of change. Even if it's a drop in the bucket overall, you can still deeply impact people on an individual level. There have been many people who have had that kind of impact on me, and propelled me forward and I'm very grateful for it. I hope I can pay that forward somehow, supporting others is something I try to do every day."


Outstanding General Associate #2: Stefania Stanley


1. What lead you to join DWIB?

"I wanted to get more involved in a campus organization while gaining professional development skills. When looking at different organizations what stood out about Davis Women in Business was their sense of community and initiative to help members succeed. "

2. What are your thoughts on receiving this acknowledgment award for being an outstanding general member?

"Super thankful! Although the real shout out and acknowledgment should go towards the directors and committees, both past and current, who have put so much time and effort into making this organization come to fruition."

3. What are you passionate about and motivates you to pursue your passions?

"I’m passionate about pursuing a career that helps society through economic development and knowing that a successful career will help me order more guacamole. "

Outstanding General Associate #3: Jia Yi Situ

1. How has DWIB helped you as a professional and as an individual?

"When I first discovered DWIB, I was ecstatic. Finally there was a club that was filled with driven, successful young women. Everyone has their own agenda to be the best that they can be and that inspires me to attain the same level. In addition, I have talked to several women who shared their knowledge and experiences with me, teaching me ways in obtaining internships or just having a plan for the next step in developing their career. DWIB has helped me explore many professional aspects. I gained insight on financial, marketing, and event career options."

2. What is your dream job?

"I was first exposed to Human Resources when the Office of the City Administrator in San Francisco brought on a new Human Resources Director onto the team. He took me under his wing and brought me on the Skelly hearings, teaching me about Weingarten Rights. Because of this, my dream job is to be Human Resources Director. I would like to plan, direct, and manage all human resource initiative such as recruitment, training and employee relations of an organization."



Thank you to our lovely Outstanding General Associates for going above and beyond in your contributions to DWIB! You rock! :)