Five Professional To Do's For This Quarter


Many of you are probably prepping for this upcoming quartereither by mentally preparing yourself for those brutal 8 AM's, organizing your planners and reviewing your syllabi, or maybe just dreading school and responsibilities altogether. However you prepare for the upcoming quarter, this short list of to do's that you can add to your winter quarter task list will help you achieve your professional goals one check-box at a time.

1. Create or update your LinkedIn Profile

  • LinkedIn is essential for building your professional network, staying up-to-date about potential companies you may want to work for in the future, and displaying your experiences and skills  on your profile. If you are new to LinkedIn, here is a link to one of our members’ pages to show you what a great LinkedIn profile can look like! 
  • For those of you who already have a LinkedIn, the first week of this quarter is the perfect time to update all your experiences, jobs, skills, and professional photos for recruiters to see. Here is a helpful link!
  • Make sure to also regularly update your resume!




2.  Check job sites and check them often

  • Searching for jobs and internships is both stressful and tedious so it is important to check job sites on a regular basis. Here are a few sites that will help you get started:
  •, and Aggiejoblink 
  • Make it a habit to research companies, regularly check for job postings, and apply sooner than later!




3. Read a book or a blog

  • Whatever your professional goals may be, reading informational books and blog posts can help you fuel your creativity and give you inspiration  for yourself and your career.
  • Check out WayUp’s blog page for professional and informational posts!





4. Write a list of goals and hang them up

  • I found doing this to be most helpful near the end of the quarter when motivation and drive can be low. Jotting down a quick list of goals you want to achieve for the quarter will not only remind you of what you hope to achieve but will also keep you in check when you're feeling feeling lazy and unmotivated.






5. Do something you enjoy!

  • Lastly, remember to find ways to destress and take care of your mind and body.  Being in college often paves the way to an unhealthy lifestyle with minimal sleep, endless amounts of caffeine and junk food, and sometimes minimal showers (gross). Taking even 20 minutes to an hour out of your day to do something you enjoy will help you maintain your sanity and keep your mind and body healthy. 
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