Together, We Will Thrive


This weekend I had the pleasure of attending DWIB’s 2nd Annual Fall Leadership and Empowerment Retreat. Held in a beautiful beachfront cabin in Pajaro Dunes Resort, the event hosted 40+ members eager to learn and grow. The theme, “Take My Hand,” was very fitting for the friendships built and support shown from one another. From sunrise walks to “family” group skits, this weekend was one to remember.

Throughout the weekend, I found many opportunities for self-reflection. I got to think about my self-image, career goals, and life legacy. Working in a team environment, I also thought critically about my personal strengths and my own group dynamics. I developed both mentee and mentor relationships with others by seeking professional advice from directors, as well as giving advice to my younger peers.

Coming into retreat, I was expecting to meet new people and bond on a more personal level. Undoubtedly, we did this through numerous activities, but it was in a much deeper and meaningful manner. We created a comfortable space where we could share our stories and express our feelings. Everyone was supportive throughout the good and bad tales. They congratulated accomplishments and sympathized through struggle. No matter what problems or fears we had, the group was there, with open arms, offering support.

I was humbled by the authenticity and genuineness given from those I met. I truly felt like I was part of a family. We wrote many affirmations to celebrate each other. It illustrated the value of the connections that we formed and positive interactions we shared.

This bonding experience attests that DWIB is a safe, fun environment for me to grow personally and professionally. It fosters a community with people that are always encouraging and lend a helping hand. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met such a wonderful group of individuals. I look forward to the next retreat and an amazing year ahead!

Written By: Amrita Singh

Davis Women in Business