Being Productive During Winter Break


After a long fall quarter of productivity and self-focus, it’s easy to forget the bigger picture during winter break. It’s important to remind yourself your “why” and why you’re doing what you’re doing everyday. Most college students spend their winter break sleeping, watching Netflix and hanging out with friends. Although these things are great and well deserved, don’t forget to stay productive too! Here are 10 ways to stay productive during winter break:

1. Read a book

Find a book you’re interested in and start reading! Trust me, it’s addicting, and you’ll stay in learning mode.

2. Plan a trip

Go on an adventure with your loved ones! Traveling will give your perspective and motivation, which will improve your mood when it’s time to start grinding again.

3. Spend time with your loved ones

In general, spending time with your loved ones will improve your happiness and remind you who you’re striving to make proud everyday.

4. Go to the gym

Studies have shown that exercising is tied with mood and confidence improvement. Just what you need to start the school year!

5. Spend time on your hobbies and passions

“I wish I could ______, but I don’t have time because of school.” Well, now you do!

6. Apply to internships and jobs

Winter break is a perfect time to figure out your plan after the school year is over, whether you’re graduating or not.

7. Figure out your classes and schedules for upcoming quarters

Why not start now and save yourself the stress later on?

8. Start reading the textbooks for your upcoming classes

I know, I know… Finals JUST ended. But, hear me out. Going into a new course topic will be much more interesting if you have an idea of the subject going into it.

9. Watch a documentary

Still in the mood for Netflix? Watch a documentary! You can still be cozy in bed but learning at the same time.

10. Get a job

Getting a job will keep you busy, productive and responsible. This will prevent you from getting comfortable with sitting around all day.

Written by: Deema Kharuf

Davis Women in Business