Celebrate Self-Love



It's the time of the year where everyone starts talking about love and valentine deals start coming out. Whatever your relationship status is, it's important to love yourself first because your relationship with yourself translates to how successful your relationship with others will be. We've compiled a list of some of our "February Favorites" that you can gift yourself to celebrate self-love. 



1. Favorite New Album: #SweetSexySavage by Kehlani

  • Stop comparing yourself to others and strive to be the best version of yourself; no one else is you and this is what makes you special. Kehlani’s debut album empowers women to recognize their flaws and to love yourself and others unconditionally whether love brings you happiness or pain.
  • Buy her album here and/or listen to it for free on Soundcloud. 

2. Favorite Planner: 2017 Dated Classic Birds & Bees Blush Passion Planner

  • It's important to recognize what you think and how you feel to practice self-love. This limited edition Passion Planner helps you organize your schedule, while allowing you to focus on your passions and goals. Use this planner to write your best qualities and accomplishments, your thoughts and feelings, and your dreams and how you can accomplish them. 

  • You can purchase your very own Passion Planner here.

Photo by: Ginnafied(IG)

Photo by: Ginnafied(IG)

3. Favorite Brunch Spot: Cafeteria 15L

  • Sharing a meaningful conversation, eating a delicious meal, and surrounding yourself with people who love and encourage you is beneficial for your well-being and happinessHead over with your friends to Downtown Sacramento to grab delicious, American brunch.   
  • Skip the line and reserve a table for your visit here. 

4. Favorite Book: Lean In: Women, Work, & the Will to Lead

  • Find time to explore and follow your passions. Sheryl Sandberg's book empowers women to achieve their full potential.
  • You can purchase her book here. 

5. Favorite Upcoming Festival: Soulquarius: An R&B Jam

  • Do things that excite you and go to places where you can find people who share similar passions as you. Taking place in the OC Observatory Grounds, Soulquarius brings R&B artists such as Ja Rule & Ashanti and the Internet to give you smooth, R&B vibes. 

Don't forget to give yourself words of affirmation and compliment yourself. Recognize your accomplishments and be proud of how far you come. You should be proud of yourself. 


Written by: Grace Sim

Davis Women in Business