You Are What You Believe

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right.” -Henry Ford
Photo By: Zakhar Krylov on Behance 

Photo By: Zakhar Krylov on Behance 

You are what you believe. Only you have the power to manifest the life you want. You must speak with words that empower you. Choose your words carefully because everything you put out has a way of coming back to you. When you speak about yourself, do you use loving, encouraging words? When you think about your future goals, do you speak in “I will” instead of “I wish?” 

You create your own reality. And many times we do not give this idea the power it deserves. The power of attraction is powerful and can be used as an asset in your growth.

So what changes can you make? You can start with…

1. Subtracting the negative out of your life and making room for the positive

  • This includes negative thoughts, emotions, and people. Only surround yourself with individuals that inspire, motivate, and help keep you accountable. Letting go can be hard, but it is even harder to live with toxicity in your life.

2. Practicing Visualizing Your Goals

  • You have to learn to inspire yourself, because if you do not who will? This can take many forms, from taking a few minutes to mentally visualize the individual you will become or the accomplishments you will have, to using a journal and physically writing down your goals. Remember to write with intention. Make statements using “I will” to empower and inspire yourself by seeing your goals on paper. 

3. Practicing Self Affirmations

  • Feed yourself “food to grow.” Practice using positive and specific phrases to build your strengths to help you overcome your weaknesses. You might encounter people who will try to impede your growth and success, thus you cannot practice self sabotage! You must be the one to uplift and encourage yourself. Even if you may not fully believe your affirmation in the moment, you are bringing your mind to a positive and encouraging place.

Your perception of yourself defines who you become. And the best part of all? If you are ever unhappy with the direction of the events in your life or the point where you are at, changing your mindset will allow you the power and strength to overcome and prosper on. Remember that success is always just a mindset.




Written By: Stephany Arroyo 



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