Success Doesn't Discriminate



As you may or may not know, Davis Women In Business is holding an OWN IT Summit on April 15, 2017. This is a HUGE event and an amazing opportunity that we are holding just for YOU...yes, we mean all of you. Aligned with our organization's core values of friendship, diversity, and empowerment, this Summit is unique in that it promotes all these values as well as encourages the success of all attendees, NOT just women. 


So let's talk a little bit about OWN IT and what it is...


"Own It at UC Davis is a women's leadership summit designed to foster and encourage young attendees at Davis and in the surrounding community to pursue their wildest dreams. By connecting leaders of all fields with millennials, this summit aims to bridge the gap from “What If?” to “I Can”, empowering women and all genders to own their true selves and identity. This one day summit will allow attendees to listen to and learn from role models, cultivate skills, and network with fellow peers."


Now despite that this is "a women's leadership summit..."


We welcome and encourage individuals of all genders, races, and identities to come out and OWN this once in a lifetime opportunity! We want to emphasize that this "women's summit" is not just for women. Davis Women In Business strives to guide all individuals to seek out every opportunity that will drive them to success; Whatever this may mean to that individual will be different from the next and ultimately, their pathway to success will be unique in itself. 


So what can you gain by attending OWN IT?


Attendees have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Participating in OWN IT will be your own experience providing you with mentorship, educational guidance and opening up doors that you never knew existed. 


Davis Women In Business empowers YOU!


We strive to promote a community of allyship and we want to see all of you there! Whatever success may look like for you, we encourage all individuals to come out and OWN IT! 

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Written by: Grace Chung

Davis Women in Business