7 Apps to Keep You Organized!


1) Notebook 

What it is: Perhaps the most simple, and straightforward way to take notes on your laptop in class.

How it works: There are options to record within the app, add pictures and graphs, plus a checklist feature. You’re able to organize these notes within notebooks for your classes with corresponding covers. Notebook has a clean design and modern user experience that overall pleasing to use in any situation and it is free in the app store! The colorful blocks are a design win and the integration of audio recording make it simple to record a brainstorming session or your professor explaining a topic you don’t quite understand.

Price: Free! 

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.09.38 AM.png

2) Deliveries 

What it is: An easy way to keep track of packages coming your way with a user-friendly experience. A free alternative is the app called Parcel. The only difference is that there is a hard limit on the number of packages you can log in on Parcel versus unlimited entries on Deliveries!

How it works: Do you ever order things from different websites and have a ton of packages to track from different carriers? To simplify things, Deliveries puts it all in one place. Add as many tracking numbers from different shipping companies to find the updates all in one place! With corresponding color schemes and integration to your notification bar, Deliveries makes it convenient for you to be sure you get all your items! Now the next time you stress shop during midterms, you’re covered!

Price: $4.99


3) Clue 

What it is: Tune in with your cycle in a digital way! From the details of your period to personalized emails with analytics about your cycle compared to the average, Clue has got you covered.

How it works: The great thing about Clue is that you can be as involved with the information logging as you would like! Even on non-menstrual days there are options to log your mood, temperature or even that you’ve taken your birth control for the day. The more information, the better, when it comes time for your analysis email. These come out quarterly and Clue is constantly listening to users to make their app better. It is a great way to stay on top of your feminine health and always evolving and growing.

Price: Free!

4) Charity Miles 

What it is: With this awesome app, you can get in a good workout and raise money for charity at the same time! The app tracks the distance you ran, walked, or biked and donates $0.25 for every mile walked or run and $0.10 for every mile you bike to your chosen charity. It’s a win-win, you got your sweat on and donated money to important groups without spending a single penny.

How it works: When you open charity miles, it will ask you to select your type of workout, including indoor running/walking, outdoor running/walking, and even biking (perfect for UC Davis students)! After choosing your workout, there is a long list of charities you can choose to raise money for while you get your grind on-- and it doesn’t cost you a thing! The charities include organizations for practically every cause such as cancer awareness, fighting world hunger, and empowering women.

Price: Free!

5) Quizlet 

What it is: You’ve probably heard of this website before, but a lot of you might not have known about the app. Quizlet is a study website that focuses on flashcards makers and different forms of quizzes, through games and normal flashcards. Here’s a tip, download the Quizlet app to your phone and study when you’re on the go! It’s much more convenient than bringing out your notebook or a stack of physical flashcards when you’re on the bus or have a short gap between classes.

How it works: It’s super easy to use, to create a deck of flashcards, manually input the information on both sides of each card. After your deck is finished, you can select a learning method, including the traditional quiz-yourself approach, or click on a fun interactive game that will give you a bit of entertainment and help you to memorize your class material! If you don’t have time to make your own cards, search the Quizlet database and study off of someone else’s deck-- an even bigger time saver!

Price: Free!

6) Office Lens

What it is: Office Lens is an extremely useful app for scanning any documents, including handwritten notes, receipts, and even photos of the whiteboard from lectures! The app is especially for making sure that the writing from your document is clear when it is scanned. Have you ever been sent blurry and unclear notes from a friend after missing a lecture? This app will stop that problem!

How it works: This extremely useful app scans photos of your notes into your phone and changes the photo contrast settings to make the words and diagrams from your notes more readable. From there, you can also convert the file into a PDF!

Price: Free!

7) Prosper Daily 

What it is: Are your midnight coffee runs adding up? Prosper Daily is the perfect app for anyone, especially college students, looking for a way to track their spending. Prosper Daily is unique because you don’t need to manually input your expenses, it tracks automatically by connecting to your bank account. Don’t worry, it’s secure, and you can purchase extra security in the app if you want!

How it works: On Prosper Daily, you can connect the app to your bank account. When you do this, the app will automatically track your expenses and categorize them for you too! You can confirm the categorizations if you feel the need to, but otherwise, it doesn’t require any manual input. You can also check your credit score for free. It’s never too early to start building good credit! Download the app to see all the other awesome features to help you keep track of your finances!

Price: Free! 

What are some of your favorite apps? 

Written by Bhavini Ahir and Connie Chew