Take a moment to reflect on life. Think of all the good and the bad; the moments of complete darkness and the times when you finally found a glimmer of light. We all go through rough times in life but I think the hardest part about those times is openly admitting to it and seeking help. Many people do not want to seem vulnerable or "weak", which is why they refrain from accepting a helping hand or even look for someone who would extend one. But to confide in someone in order to get your thoughts out is an important form of self-care; bottling up problems can negatively effect your mental health. In relationship with Davis Women In Business, we believe in empowerment and I believe that a big part of being empowered stems from sufficient self-care. When you care for yourself you being to build a love for yourself and ultimately become your own greatest supporter and motivator. 

Self-care starts with setting aside time for yourself. Set time aside when you can do what you love, be carefree for a bit, let out your stress and let those thoughts that have been circling in your head escape you. During this time you should put aside everything that has deposited a weight upon your shoulders. For instance, I like to turn off my work emails and put away everything pertaining to school. I like to disconnect myself from my responsibilities for a moment because in the moment that you disconnect yourself from the rest of the world is the perfect opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself. 

Another thing to remember is to never feel like you are alone during a low point. 1 out 4 college students admit to struggling through a rough time that affected them adversely (1) and 85% of students reported that they felt overwhelmed within the past year (2). There are always people out there to hear you out and extend a helping hand, you just have to be willing to speak up and grasp on.

Written by Briana Ngo