Life After DWIB

    As a transfer student from Southern California, I had no idea what I was in for when I came to Davis this past fall. I had no friends, no familiarity with the quarter system, and felt completely alone. I thought I would get to know myself more, as I normally enjoy solitude. The key difference is I enjoy the moments I choose be alone. I thought I wouldn’t have any friends or really any reason to like Davis. This combined with familial issues at home didn’t really breed a good attitude. That being said, fall was a tough quarter. By the time winter came around I started noticing a women’s business club appear more often on my newsfeed. I decided it was time to put myself out there and attended an info session. There, I met a panel of incredibly accomplished women in leadership. To be honest it was incredibly intimidating, they had achieved so much in so little time I felt immediately behind. As a transfer you already hit the ground running; you're an upperclassmen that feels like a freshman. All this considered, the info sessions and rush process left me feeling motivated and hungry for self development. After that I was hooked.                                                                                                                                                       
    Somehow the women on this team have cultivated an incredible sense of camaraderie that emphasizes empowerment above all else. There wasn't the tired, petty girl to girl competition, and I was inspired. There were workshops on a variety of things from mental health to professionalism. The cultivation of our hard work was OWN IT, a summit we put on from scratch. The day was filled with panels and break out sessions of leading women from companies in every niche of business. We left the day feeling tired and empowered through the conversation and interaction. Almost immediately, we discussed our plans and improvements for the next one.  

    My entire journey so far in DWIB, is straight out of something Hollywood tries to replicate. You can probably compare being in DWIB to Pitch Perfect, kind of. Probably less singing. Still singing, just less. Its truly a group of strong girls just trying to get together and create something amazing. Proving that we are always stronger together, as if we needed a reminder.  
    I could not be more grateful for the unprecedented amount of growth I have experienced since joining DWIB. This is only the beginning, and having gained so much already, I am excited for the continued growth I am experiencing and highly recommend this organization to everyone I meet. DWIB is more than a business organization, its a group of likeminded individuals that seek personal and professional growth. I get that so far this seems like a running ad for DWIB, but honestly how else can I rave about it? #notspon We have created lifelong friendships that go far and beyond campus. Going from few friends to a complete network of incredible individuals and the best support system couldn't have been a bigger score for me. And to those very women I am so lucky to call friends, thank you. It’s been beyond real. 

Written by: Bhavini Ahir

We all move forward when we recognize how resilient and striking the women around us are.
— Rupi Kaur