Powerhouse Female Artists

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), here are some powerhouse Asian/Pacific American female artists who are inspiring others with their artistry.


Lorraine "La Flame"

  • Lorraine "La Flame" Agustin is a dj and painter from the Bay Area. While she DJ’s for events, house parties, picnics, and birthdays, she considers herself more of a "bedroom dj." She recently began shifting her focus on painting and paints artists and people who inspire her. In the future, she wants to host an event where she can DJ and showcase/sell her art.
  • Soundcloud | Paintings


Nicole Garcia

  • Nicole Garcia is a 3rd year student at UC Davis freelancing in photography and design. She loves to capture genuine moments whether in individual portraits or group settings. In product photography, she strive to create a unique perspective and showcase the product's personality. 
  • Website  |  Instagram

Kelley Chao

  • Kelley is a visual artist hailing from San Francisco. Currently, she is an undergraduate student at the California College of Arts with a major in Painting and Drawing. She specializes in oil painting and drawing but also has skills in photography, sculpture, and music.
  • Kelley's passion for Asian-American themes, female vulnerability and struggles, and traveling to see new cultures are expressed in her artwork.
  • Souncloud  |  Art

Linda Nguyen

  • Linda is a creative professional looking to fulfill her hunger for all things fashion. At a young age I discovered my passion for fashion, with sketches filling the ins and outs of school notebooks. Chasing her dreams, she attended UC Davis and earned a Bachelors of Art degree in Fashion Design.
  • She currently works as a production manager and designer for the Oakland-based clothing brand, Lesley Evers. Even more, she creates videos full of crafty and artsy DIY things.
  • Youtube 

Reminder to anyone who needs to hear this: Even if you don’t have it all together, if you’re trying your best, you’re doing enough.
— Sorah Yang

Sorah Yang

  • Sorah Yang is a dance teacher, choreographer, and singer from the Bay Area currently residing in Los Angeles. She has taught dance classes & workshops in 23 countries and 28 universities. While she may be tiny, she is mighty and inspires others around the world to be themselves and love the skin their in.
  • Youtube  |  Website