Study Hacks


It’s week 8 and you know what that means? We are in the middle of midterms season and approaching finals! Whether you have countless assignments, projects, or tests, wrapping up the quarter is always one of the most stressful times in the school year, and we have to do that 3 times (RIP). Spring quarter is especially difficult because when it isn’t a blazing 100 degrees outside it’s actually the type of whether that makes you want to just take long naps or go relax on the hammocks at the quad. Finding it hard to focus on studying rather than naps, I decided to take action and look for effective “Study Hacks”. I came across this very helpful BuzzFeed article with tips and tricks for studying.

Here are 5 tips I find the most helpful!

  • Write down all your formulas at the beginning of the test.

If you get really worried or anxious during a test, that may often cause you to forget some of the things you studied. Although this isn’t something you do when you are studying, I always make use of this tip before tackling the questions on my test. Don't have formulas? Try writing down key words and definitions instead.

  • While studying, do a short review session at each 20 minute interval of the newly learned material.

Along with taking breaks every 25 minutes, its good  to make sure you are grasping the material you are studying before you finish up. This tip is very important for me because it helps me remember material much better. If I am reading for my class I will read a section and summarize it afterward as review. It really helps information stick! 

  • Google "site:edu [subject] exam" to find many different college exams featuring problems pertaining to that subject.

I did not know about this tip but I am very glad to have come across it! I find it incredibly helpful to do as many problems related to the subject as possible to make sure I actually understand the application of various different topics. If your class is more on the conceptual rather than application side, an alternative to this could be to do summary questions provided in your books. 

  • Use a program to block distracting sites on your computer for a set period of time.

This tip is very useful if you are the type of person who constantly checks your social medias, watches cute baby animal videos,  or literally scrolls through anything just to be distracted this is a great solution for you. Who actually wants to study? Not many people, but it is necessary. To help make sure you don’t get distracted site blocker may come in handy!

  • Times New Roman is the fastest font to read. (If you're dyslexic, there's a special font called Dyslexie that could help you read more easily.)

Here is a tip I have not tried yet but I’m extremely curious to! I didn't think that font could play such a huge role in studying. If you are like me, I type up my own study guides but I always use fonts like Arial. Looks like I’ll be using Times New Roman from now on!

I hope that you all find these tips useful! If you have any tips you want to share, be sure to comment them below. 

Written By: Mira Daya