Stressins' into Blessins'

I know, I know. It's week 9 and it's week 9 of spring quarter. The finish line is almost here , but it seems so far away. There's a lot of stress coming your way, final assignments, finals, packing up your things for summer, or even getting ready to start that new job. It's overwhelming, I know. So how can we deal with this stress? 

Turn your stressins into blessins! Take the stress and anxiety of a situation and look at it as a blessing. That final exam you are dreading to take in 2 weeks; think about how lucky you are to be pursuing a higher education, something so many people wish they had the opportunity to do. That new job you are scared to start? Many other people wish they had the opportunity to even apply. 

Blessings don't even have to be spiritual. The acknowledgment of a blessing is just an acknowledgement of opportunity, privilege, and honor. Now, if you want to see this "blessing" as a gift from a higher power, the universe, or as a result of your own actions and hard work, then see it that way. All the more power to you. 

In the end, acknowledge that the position you are in is one somebosy else wishes day and night, they could have. Look at your situation from a different angle and maybe you'll see something new. 

Don't forget to take things one day at a time. You made it this far, I know you have what it takes to keep pushing through.

P.S.: Here's a new study song. Stay strong Aggies!

Written by: Stephany Arroyo