Major Girl Power on Instagram

Social media has really changed the game for how women around the globe encourage, inspire, and empower others. Digital platforms are such a powerful tool that can be used to challenge stereotypes, spread positivity, and raise awareness of worldwide issues.There are so many amazing accounts you can draw inspiration from on Instagram. Here are 6  Instagram accounts you should consider following.



Lauren Singer is an ambitious 25 year old woman living a zero waste life in New York. She shares hygiene tips and gets extra creative with mason jars. Lauren is moving up the latter with her company @thesimplyco,  which is focused on making organic vegan laundry detergent with only three ingredients, as well as being  the Co-CEO of @packagefreeshop, which is a zero waste lifestyle shop located in Brooklyn, NY.  


Neda Monem is an Iranian journalist who shares unique photos of cultural food, nature, and architecture with a mix  of Iranian politics. She captures the scenic life in Iran in hopes of spreading peace and awareness to all who come across her feed.


Amy Poehler and Meredith Walker created Smart Girls together to aspire young people that they can change the world by cultivating their authentic selves.


As their profile bio best states "For women, by women. Unapologetically bawsey." This feed will motivate you to go after your goals and shares content that is  aesthetic and witty. 


This feed helps women rise up at work and get the paycheck they deserve. 'Ladies Get Paid' help women advocate for themselves at work. This account spreads their message to empower women to focus on their goals  and promote equal pay. 


Remi Ishizuk's feed is  #fitspiration goals and you can find healthy eating tips, fitness, and travel on her feed. Her approach is to empower yourself through health and balance and is well represented through her bright, colorful and inspirational posts. 

Written by: Sahar Forouzanfar