Calories and Cons

fruit dwib.jpg

This midterm season has lead me into a spiral of unprecedented stress, and the freshman fifteen that I have been managing to avoid has definitely been catching up to me. My problem? Constantly JoyRun-ing burritos and Dutch Bros with my friends as we scramble to meet a deadline or to cram for an exam.

This weekend I have come to the realization that it is time to change my snacking habits. By having some healthy alternatives at hand, it is easy to cut down on impulsively eating junk food.

Here is a list of snacks I have been replacing...

  1. Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes - with 60 calories per rice cake, this cures your sweet tooth and can help avoid feelings of guilt.

  2. Dark Chocolate- satisfying with only a piece or two; and has many health benefits (keeps your heart healthy, helps you sleep).

  3. Trader Joe's Snap Peas- a serving is 22 pieces and only has 100 calories. They’re crunchy and addicting; a great alternative for chips/cheetos/cheez-its.

  4. Almonds - small snacks with the power to fill you up.

  5. Sparkling Water - because we all know sugary drinks are the enemy.

  6. Pre-Cut Fruit- easy enough to grab and eat, but never overeat.

  7. Skinny Pop- microwaveable popcorn is a no-go.

Considering what we put into our bodies is an essential part of succeeding in all aspects of our lives. Start embracing the idea that it's your job to fuel and treat it right.

Written by: Juliana Beduschi