10 Places to put on your Bucket List

Take a well deserved break from studying for finals, and think about some fun road trips to go on for spring break or summer.

Get ready for a fun time with these beautiful spots in California and in the Southwest if you're feeling a little extra adventurous :)  

1 ) Yosemite


During the spring it is around 58 to 60 degrees fahrenheit. It’s around a 3 hour drive from Davis. If you really want to challenge yourself bring your hiking shoes, and gear yourself up for the half dome hike. This hike is pretty grueling because it is around 16 miles and it will take around 12 hours. However, once you get to the top of the dome it will be a view worth a million dollars

2) Garden of Eden ~ Santa Cruz


If you live in the Bay Area or you are visiting definitely check out this little hidden spot in the middle of the mountains of Henry Cowell State Park, 20 minutes from Santa Cruz. It is right off of highway 17. Come here for the perfect swimming spot and to escape the crowded Santa Cruz beaches.

3) Big Sur

Who doesn’t love to drive down highway 1? Big Sur is located right near the beautiful town of Carmel. Big Sur will give you views that no other place will offer with sights of sea cliffs all along the drive. It’s a perfect place for hiking, and camping too. If you venture far enough down the highway you can even spot the famous McWay Falls.

4) Point Reyes ~ Marin County


Point Reyes is located in Marin County above San Francisco. There are many trails to walk, pretty scenery, and lots of wildlife. The weather won’t be too cold around 63 degrees during the spring but it's sure to be windy so bring lots of sweaters.



5) Emerald Bay ~ Lake Tahoe


This bay is located in a little cove at the south end of Lake Tahoe. Take in the pretty views of the lake while walking the trail to the beach. Once you get to the lake you will be able to relax on the beach and do many fun activities like kayaking and paddle boarding. It is the perfect weekend getaway because it’s only 2 hours away from Davis.

6) Grass valley

Fairy Falls 005.JPG

Grass valley was an unexpected beauty. Walking around there I could hear the birds chirping and it was so peaceful. I went to the Spenceville Wildlife Area and did a short hike to Fairy falls. You can even climb down and swim next to the waterfall. It is only an hour and half away, north of Davis. Check it out on a weekend you’d like to get some fresh air and be surrounded by nature.






7) China Beach ~ San Francisco

Definitely put China Beach on your bucket list. Who can resist that magnificent view of the Golden Gate Bridge? Be sure to get here early though because the parking lot is small but it’s free :))

8) Big Basin National forest ~ Santa Cruz

Surround yourself with giant redwood trees and waterfalls. When you come here you will feel minuscule around these giant trees. This destination is the perfect place to unplug yourself from the world and take in the ethereal beauty of the forest.

Or...Venture out of California 

9) Horseshoe Bend ~ Arizona


When I went on my southwest road trip this was by far one of the most amazing sights I had seen. You walk about a half a mile until you get to the rim. Definitely bring some food with you because you’ll want to stay for a while. If you get really close to the edge you can see the water wrap around.

10) Grand Canyon~ Arizona


This national park really makes you realize how beautiful and grand nature is. Bring your camera because you’ll be taking lots of photos. This place is bigger than you think it is. It will take your breath away once you stare into the canyon and see all of the vibrant colors.

Written by: Thea Lawler