Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join Davis Women in Business?

Highly motivated students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply to Davis Women in Business. We welcome all majors, ages, and genders to our organization. 

What is the weekly time commitment?

Time commitment varies based on your level of involvement (general associate, board associate, or director). Therefore, the approximate time commitment is 2-10 hours/week. 

When and how often are the events?

Events range on a week by week basis. General meetings, which happen on a regular basis, take place each Monday, 7:30-8:30. Other events typically fall in evenings on weekdays for professional events and occasionally weekends for social events. Scheduling is decided on a quarterly basis and often explores a variety of days and times to work with a variety of personal schedules.

What is the cost of membership? 

Annual membership is $35.

How many members does Davis Women in Business accept?

In order to uphold our organizational values, we don't definitively cap membership. We encourage individuals who are interested in membership to apply and attend as they find events beneficial.

What do you look for during the Board Associates or Director Applicants interview?

For Board Associates, we're searching for individuals who are passionate and committed to personal and professional development. There are no minimum experience requirements for Board Associate roles; we encourage you to apply if you are seeking hands-on experience and also to explore your interest in any of our current domain offerings.

For Directors, we look for highly motivated students who demonstrate clear evidence of former leadership experience. This could mean anything from being an officer in another organization to class project leader to head intern. While professional experience is not required, strong candidates are those who can share their experiences and serve in mentorship roles with younger students. With our organization still in its founding year, we are looking for individuals with strong work ethics and the dedication to help build a solid foundation for DWIB to last for years to come. 

How often does Davis Women in Business recruit for new members?

We open our membership applications at the beginning of fall and winter quarter. 

How can I get involved as an alumnus of UC Davis?

We're actively searching for alumni advisors to support our organization. Please email to inquire about our growing alumni advisor mentorship program. 

Who should I contact for more information?

Please email should you have any questions regarding the application process.